ADP provides a program dedicated to improving educational and sporting outcomes for students. The program provides an opportunity for student-athletes to pursue their passion in a holistic academic and sport-based partnership. 

The individualisation and specialist nature of this program forms the foundation on which students build their skills. All staff have specialised and extensive skills & experiences to facilitate this program. 

At a physical level, the program aims to provide student-athletes with long-term athletic development training within a secondary college environment. To complement the physical preparation, the program provides high level technical coaching in a variety of sports. 

Emphasis is placed on integrating students’ passions, academic progress, behavioural expectations and effort requirements. These are the cornerstone of the ADP program. 

The aims are to ‘value-add’ and support the student-athletes sporting commitments and goals. 

All coaching and physical training is carried out by highly qualified and professional staff who already monitor workload and wellbeing. The student’s workload and wellbeing is closely monitored. Student-athletes in the ADP are held to certain requirements to retain their position. These are based around academic and behavioural standards, attendance and effort. All of these requirements are tied into the Student-Athlete Agreement which every athlete signs when accepting a place in the Program. 

We are continuing to build and develop partnerships with local, state and national sporting bodies to inform the development of our valuable program. We provide the environment and support to help students excel.