“We are really fortunate to have the Athlete Development Program at BSE. The world-class skills and experience that the staff bring to the students is second to none. I’ve seen them support my child’s basketball skills substantially, however, that is only one aspect of how they’ve helped our child develop. His focus has improved, as has his academic performance. Thank you to all of the ADP staff for their professionalism, excellent communication, positivity, and adaptability.”

“I am writing to let you know how tremendously pleased I have been with the quality of ADP Program at BSE. This extends from the specialist skills coach to the gym sessions working on strength and conditioning. My son has not only developed his soccer skills he has a solid foundation on how to look after his health through nutrition and exercise.”

“My child is always happier at the end of the day when ADP has been one of his subjects or trainings”

“The ADP staff have gone above and beyond to help my son throughout his recovery period, post calf tear. He is also now undertaking AFL & Basketball sessions and absolutely loving both. Thank you all for the excellent communication.”

“My child loves ADP (netball) and looks forward to her early morning training sessions. She enjoys the program and is developing her skills in a fun and positive environment. Her coaches share their extensive knowledge, have programs prepared and always have a new activities for the squad. She has a great rapport with her coaches and is grateful for the opportunity to participate. This is her second year in ADP and she hopes to continue the program for the 4 years she will be at BSE. It is excellent that breakfast is available to the students after their early morning sessions – its an essential way for them to refuel and have enough energy for the school day.”

“Our son is in his second year of ADP and so much has happened in that time with covid and having to go to remote learning for some of it. He thoroughly enjoys ADP and the programs. He has enjoyed the meeting of new teammates and the teaches and coaches. He enjoys the gym and learning new and exciting tasks. It has been a wonderful experience so far.”