The Athlete Development Program (ADP) Soccer Squad is aimed at student athletes who show potential in the sport of Soccer. The Squad aims to provide ADP athletes with structured training programs to further develop their skills, fitness and knowledge of the sport. 

This Program will prepare athletes for the following events and representative team selections:

  • SSV Events
  • All Schools Championships
  • Local and State Representative Teams

Selected Soccer players are required to attend and participate in all Training sessions throughout the year (as outlined below). Athletes will receive technical and tactical coaching, and an annual competition plan and pathway developed with the Squad Coach.


The Soccer Squad is integrated fully into the ADP: 

  • Training will be two mornings per week in the BSE Stadium, unless otherwise specified
    • 6.45am – 8.15am

Training will involve the following:

  • Video analysis of shooting technique
  • Video analysis of game footage
  • Fundamental skills development (dribbling, passing, shooting & defensive)
  • Tactics (game sense)
  • Defensive specific skill development
  • Hygiene
  • Self-monitoring training load
  • Explanations of types of training
  • Breakdown of common soccer structures
  • Fitness & Skill Testing

Squad coaches