The Athlete Development Program (ADP) Cycling Squad is aimed at student athletes who show potential in the sport of Cycling. The squad aims to provide ADP athletes with structured training programs to further develop their skills, fitness and knowledge of the sport. 

Vision – To be a leading pathway for student-athletes to achieve their sporting, academic and personal excellence.

Goal – To instil training ethic, knowledge and attitude across all aspects specific to cycling.


The Cycling Squad is integrated fully into the ADP: 

  • Official squad training will be (at least) twice per week.

Training will involve the following:

  • Development of pedalling action
  • Correct positioning on the bike
  • Endurance
  • Sprinting
  • Tactics/Race day preparation
  • Recovery
  • Hygiene
  • Self-monitoring training load
  • Explanations of types of training
  • Aspects of heart rate & power training
  • Watt Bike and Ergo sessions/Fitness Testing

Squad Coach

  • Rik McCaig